Being able to freely and safely access any private or public place without any fear is the very fundamental right of every girl and woman. But unfortunately violent crimes can occur anywhere and if one is not prepared to defend self, it can lead to serious injuries or be even fatal.

Self Defense is something everyone should learn. The fear of being attacked and not knowing what to do is very real and can be dangerous. When someone learns self defense the chances of defending themselves and survive increase significantly.

Having access to the proper self-defense techniques can help girls, women, and children boost their confidence in less-than-ideal situations. Though we tend to stray from trouble, strangers can be unpredictable. This significant knowledge can help us keep calm and use the proper teachings passed down to us during confrontational circumstances.

It’s all about defending yourself, and keeping those you care about safe. We eat healthy or lock our cars to protect ourselves. Why not learn how to protect ourselves?

E2E has designed several Self Defense courses to choose from:

  • Self Defense Basic Awareness Session – The 1 day 3 hours program focuses on basic concepts rather than specific techniques. Demonstration of 10 Self-defense tips that are a must for every girl, woman and individual. The session also stresses on common sense and everyday routines which when done differently can be life savers.
  • Self Defense Advance Training – The seminar starts off with general information and statistics about how to keep from being a victim and about certain themes that occur with violent crime and sexual assault. The seminar then goes through how to break out of wrist, neck, and lapel grabs along with bear hugs.
  • Self Defense Wenlido Training – What exactly is Wenlido ? It is a self Defense class for women BY women! ‘Wenlido’ translates as ‘women’s path of strength.
    • Is a women’s safety program designed by women, keeping in view the context in which women face violence in society.
    • Provides practical tools that any woman can use to stay safe from the various forms of violence she is likely to face in society. These include assertiveness and verbal strategies to stay safe.
    • Is based on a women’s experience of violence combined with an awareness of women’s conditioning in society, thus it is different from martial arts and other forms of self defense. Though it borrows some aspects from different self defense forms.
    • Uses a combination of creatively designed theory and practical sessions, and problem solving exercises that help women find solutions themselves.
    • Helps women realize their strength, overturning centuries of conditioning, which convinces women that they are the ‘weaker sex’ and cannot defend themselves.

How can Wenlido help you?

  • Many women suffer from a sense of powerlessness, especially in close relationships. On the physical and emotional level, Wenlido offers ‘ways out’ of situations in which we feel stuck and helpless.
  • It puts a lot of emphasis on finding solutions that empower us as individuals. In Wenlido workshop women not only learn to protect themselves physically, but also how to recognize potentially dangerous situations early on, how to respond verbally and effectively when harassed, and problem solve together on how to stay safe.
  • The focus of Wenlido is on supporting each woman to move from viewing herself as a ‘helpless victim’ to someone who is empowered to take control of her life and respond effectively to violence.
  • Eyes – If they can’t see you it’s harder to grab you. A gouge or poke to the eyes is also extremely painful. Use both thumbs to gouge their eyes causing them to tear up in pain.
  • Nose – Use the heel of your hand to strike the nose and cause pain. If you know how to punch go ahead and do that or even try a karate chop to the nose.
  • Ears – Scratching and yanking down hard on an ear is immensely painful. With thousands of nerve endings in such a small space you can case a lot of pain to aid your escape.
  • Neck – A simple karate chop to the lower valley of the throat can take away the breath and cause choking. You can also jab your fingers into that spot. This should only be used in extreme danger such as if you are being choked since it is a very sensitive area.
  • Fingers – You can see on your own finger by just pushing it backwards a little that it hurts. While you may be tempted to grab all of the fingers you really just need to grab one or two. The pinky is the smallest and thus easiest to bend back.
  • Groin – A classic kick doesn’t need much explaining. Use your knee, punch, or even grab the testes and yank as hard as you can.
  • Abdomen – Just behind the stomach is a great big bundle of nerves. A punch or kick to the solar plexus will knock the breath out of an attacker. Hit with all you got and remember to move forward into your punch or kick to have a real impact.
  • Knees – Since they only bend one way, a kick to the front or side of the knee can topple the attacker.
  • Ankles – While ankles have a range of motion they are also more fragile than other joints. Slam your foot down onto an ankle or kick the ankle hard to knock the attacker off-balance.